Visual Novels – A Beginner’s Guide to a Genre of Game

In the Western World, we are familiar to videogame genres like first-person shooters, console role-playing, and puzzle games — games like Halo and the Final Fantasy series dominate the Western gaming market. However, there is one genre of game that is relatively obscure in the West — the visual novel.

The visual novel (VN) is a popular genre of game in Japan, dominating the Japanese gaming market with its thousands of available titles. As its name implies, the primary focus of a VN is its story. They are usually characterized through its vivid anime-style artwork, juxtaposed with text, static backgrounds, music, sound effects, and voice acting. Gameplay is minimalistic — most of the interaction is achieved through clicking the screen to advance the story. A VN may or may not have decision points, at which your decisions may affect the outcome of the story.

The majority of VNs are renai, or having romantic themes, usually in a school setting. In these VNs, you take on the role of a male character with one or more female romantic prospects. The “otome game” reverses this role — a female character with one or more male romantic prospects. However, there are several VNs where romance is not the primary focus; an example includes the Phoenix Wright series. The VN genre encompasses a variety of themes, including, but not limited to: mecha, yaoi and yuri (gay and lesbian relationships, respectively), magical girl, and medieval themes.

A large number of VNs contain hentai, or adult scenes. A VN containing them isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in a romantic-themed story, it can enhance the relationship between two characters. However, there are VNs where the primary focus lies in the hentai, with an “excuse plot” to justify it. On the other hand, there are VNs with no such content. Whether you choose to play an adult or all-ages VN, they can have equally great stories.

There exists VNs for both PCs and videogame consoles. If you choose to play a Japanese VN on your PC, you might have to change your system’s locale to Japanese, or use AppLocale if you use Windows; otherwise, you’ll get garbled text. However, there are translation groups that have translated a number of Japanese VNs to English.

A good way to get your feet wet in the VN scene is to play some homebrewed ones; there are many free English VNs created using Ren’Py, a free VN creation software. When you’re ready, you can look at several Japanese professional VNs at the Visual Novel Database; demos of the games can be found at their respective developer’s sites.

Visual novels can serve as a break from today’s action-oriented games. Try one today — engaging plots, vivid anime-style art, and captivating characters will keep you wanting to play more.

Rise of Hentai in the World of Porn

In the present day, porn is something that is appreciated and loved by most people all around the world. As time progressed, the mentality of people has also changed; they no longer treat porn as a taboo aspect and have accepted it with an open mind. Many different, unique, and premium porn websites are available on the internet; this provides various niches and genres of porn to people. There are many genres and niches, and Hentai is one of the most famous and rising niches. Hentai has received a great amount of attention in the past few years; it has a great history, but it was not much popular. It has gained a great amount of popularity, and it is one of the most searched niches all around the world.

Introduction to Hentai

In simple words, we can describe Hentai as Manga or Anime pornography. It means that it shows sexual encounters between various anime characters. Hentai was first introduced as comics used to carry various sensuous and sexual drawings of various cartoon characters. Previously, Hentai comic books were available, but now due to the great advancement of the internet, you can find Hentai porn on various websites. In the present day, the Hentai games are also available, mainly focusing on the female cartoon characters involved in sexual activities.

There are many Manga or anime series that are popular worldwide, and they also have a huge fan base. The female characters from these popular series are taken and used in Hentai porn to attract an audience. Indeed, the Manga fans often have a fantasy about the female characters in the series; Hentai gives them this opportunity to fulfil their fantasy. In recent years, the Thai Doujin has created many Hentai comics that include famous female and male characters from popular manga or anime series.

Popularity of Hentai

Studies have revealed that the word Hentai is on top 3 among the most searched porn all around the world; this gives a great and true sight that Hentai has gained a huge amount of popularity and with the passing of time the popularity will increase by many folds. Nowadays, people love to see bizarre and weird sexual encounters, and these needs and demands of the people can easily fulfilled by cartoons or Hentai porn. There are many top anime series in the world, and in those series, there are some female characters that are famous all around the world, and people also have a fetish for them.

Hentai enrolls these Manga or anime characters in various pornographic encounters that the fans could have only dreamt of. There are some exaggerated sexual encounters in Hentai porn, such as monsters fucking girls, wild beast, and animals fucking hot cartoon girls; these scenes are very different and impossible in real life. Thus the porn lovers follow various Hentai porn collections and enjoy those bizarre and surprising sexual encounters. In regular porn, you will never come across any of these shocking sexual encounters; thus, it has a different and special appeal to porn lovers worldwide.

Adult Dating in Essex Is Probably About As Good As It Gets

Essex is one of the most densely populated counties in Britain. It is also one of the most active counties for swinger parties and adult dating fun. Nearly 1.8 million people live in Essex and there is an average population of 1200 people to the square mile. This is the kind of statistic that should be music to the ears of any single or couple looking for an abundance of adult fun contacts and parties.

There are many areas of Essex that can be described as adult dating hot-spots. The area of the county town of Chelmsford has always been one of them, with many adult party venues flourishing there over the years. The Romford area is another, having at least three regular venues at the time of writing this article. Even the villages of Essex have hosted more than their fair share of swinger parties over the years and all of the major ones provide plenty of dating activity most of the time.

The close proximity of Essex to London is another factor in making the county such a good one for adult fun seekers to live in. Practically all of the big London clubs and party venues are less than hour away.

It is only possible to estimate how much swinging goes on in Essex by looking at counting the numbers of contact adverts showing for the county on leading swinger and dating clubs. One of the most popular adult dating and swinger clubs, has a successful postal and non-internet division whose numbers of members I also took into account.

Quite a few singles and couples sign up with three or four of the larger adult dating sites at the same time. This was allowed for when calculating the total number of people on the adult dating scene for the county.

According to this method of reckoning, my educated guess of the numbers of swingers / adult dating site users active in adult dating in the county is somewhere in the region of 1800. This is composed of 45% couples, 30% single males and25% single females

These figures should inspire both singles and couples who would like to enjoy adult dating in Essex, by confirming that the region offers some of the best opportunities anywhere in the U.K.

In addition to the abundance of adult contacts, Essex also offers the established adult party club venues described above. Many more seasoned swingers however, consider that the most successful parties are more often than not those that take place in the homes of other swingers.

The opening move to receiving invitations to these, privately hosted adult parties in Essex, is to join with a top adult dating club. Take some time and care to write your profile then start building a popular presence on the site. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to be fully geared up to spend a great deal of time and energy logged into the site getting involved in chat rooms and forums. There are a number of advice articles that are for both members and site visitors. The articles will help you acquire the secrets of creating an appealing online personality.